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  1. Tarsem Kumar

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Tarsem Kumar ID No. 3917943. I started DTM Business in March 2013 and achieved 3rd level. Before that I’ve failed in many MLM Concepts but this company is really great but for the first time when i got the right company but at that time I was not aware that the people i am associating with shall be fraud and cheats.

    I am sending this email to you to bring into your notice the fraud done by two distributors of your company Mr. Sandeep Singh and Mr. Rahul Chakraborty.

    These two distributors collected the joining fee from Rampur (HP) (4 payments), Shahzadpur. Ambala (2 payments), Manimajra. Chandigarh (1 payment) and Mohali, Punjab (2-3 payments) around six months before,

    These payments are still not logged in and these two distributors and not even picking up the phone. and if by chance Sandeep picks up he says that He is in Maharashtra and he will log in the payment when he’ll come back to Chandigarh.they’ve not given the 7 kits to joined distributors in my group also.

    The people who’ve given the payment are calling me and threatening me again and again as they were from my friend and business circle. All my reputation has gone in bad books of my friends.

    The so called great leaders Sh. Jasvir Kundu and Ms. Meenakshi are also aware of this fact. but they only give fake promises and now even they’re not picking up my phone and answering my messages. I’ve worked hard a lot and have created a team of over 60 people. some of them are Principal of Engineering college, professors and managers working with reputed firms. I was also willing to work dedicatedly for DTM but now i don’t know where to go and what to do.

    Hence, before taking any legal action i thought it right to put this in notice of the management of the Dauphin Travel Marketing Pvt. Ltd. I don’t want to ruin the image of the company in media as this is the genuine company and i also respect this company from my heart.

    sir, please do the needful. I hope you’ll understand my problem and help me. you are my last hope.

    Thanking you

    Tarsem Kumar
    ID No. 3917943
    +91 9041150291
    +91 9023140772

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